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Birthdate:Nov 10
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
When I was young I spent much of my time looking for solitary fay in bushes and around the roots of trees. I expected to find brownies and leprechaun, I wanted to find them. When I couldn't find them, I made my dolls look like I thought they would be and devised grand adventures for them.

I don't much trust the high fay - the Daoine S├Čth or trooping elves. Legolas gives me the cald grues and the true heroes of the Lord of the Ring series is Frodo (or any one of the hobbits. Isn't Pippin just the dreamiest?) My favorite number is 398.2. I think that Harry Potter is a twit but Severus Snape makes the series tolerable.

I have a Master's degree in Chemistry, I work as a substitute teacher in the local school system, and I have a life-long crush on Sherlock Holmes and Jupiter Jones. (Let's not discuss that thing with Robin the boy wonder ... )

Let's see ... I also am studying Scottish Gaelic (not Irish), I know American Sign Language, I've taken a number of other languages but few of them stuck (Spanish, Latin, German, Italian, Russian - no French). I consider myself to be a Celtic Christian - which means I sort of reject a lot of the Roman influence on the Catholic Church. Sometimes I quote the Bible ... I often quote the Bible, why should the demonically inspired conservative elements have sole claim to the Holy Scripture?

Frankly, I don't know what I'm supposed to write here, so this will have to do.
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